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Strengthen Your Relationship with Couples Counseling in Calgary

Have you and your significant other grown apart?  Does it seem like you want different things from your relationship?  Do you argue or have trouble communicating?  Do you struggle with intimacy?  Has your relationship involved betrayal?  Or abuse?

Couples counseling is a safe place to work on problems in your relationship. Sometimes these problems are small and in early stages, and getting help can strengthen the relationship and prevent further problems in the future. Sometimes these problems are big, longstanding, and seem overwhelming. We can help.  

This is a safe space to work on your relationship in a nonjudgmental environment of mutual respect. The therapist serves as a sounding board, as well as an arbitrator that prevents the discussion from going the same way it might at home.  The therapist offers suggestions and insights about the relationship and patterns.  Couples therapy can teach communication and problem-solving skills that can serve to strengthen the relationship and keep lines of communication open for a lifetime.  Other times, couples therapy helps people separate from each other in as healthy a way as possible.

Even the happiest, most compatible couples don’t agree about everything, but there are more effective and less effective ways to address differences.  The Family Psychology Place offers couples counseling in Calgary to help couples re-establish connections and restore intimacy in relationships. 

Couples counseling is not only for couples who are considering ending a relationship; in fact, it offers benefits for couples at any stage of their relationship, and proactively seeking counseling before a problem arises can help prevent the problems from ever happening.

A successful relationship requires cooperation, respect, and open communications from both partners. Couples counseling can be a lot of work, but it's worth the effort.  

If you think you and your partner could benefit from couples counseling, you’re probably right. Contact us today to schedule your initial appointment.


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