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Restore Balance with Family Counseling in Calgary

Raising a family has never been an easy task, but it is especially challenging today. Many modern families include two working parents rather than the traditional pairing of a working parent and a stay-at-home partner, and when you add the need for daycare and afterschool care, the issues presented by “blending” families, and the influence of media, video games, the internet, and other activities that are available for schoolchildren these days, modern families have a much different dynamic than those of past generations.

There are many reasons people seek family counseling in Calgary, but one thing they all have in common is the desire to enjoy healthy relationships and a fulfilling family dynamic. No matter what issue might motivate them to seek counseling, the experienced and highly skilled caregivers at The Family Psychology Place can provide information, guidance and advice and recommend coping skills to help you get your life back to normal. We can help you improve communication, resolve conflicts, and re-channel dysfunctional behaviours, all while providing the support you need.

If you feel that you and your family could benefit from having a safe place to discuss important issues, call The Family Psychology Place to schedule an initial consultation. We will work with every member of your family to identify problems and explore solutions that will strengthen familial bonds and provide a strong foundation for the future.


We Provide Follow-Up Help After Assessments

We use evidence-based treatment plans to provide support and tutoring for people in need.

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The Family Psychology Place

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